kevin in morning
the whole situation still makes me sad, but it’s different these days; then i was sad because i cared too much, and now i am sad because i care not at all.
sunrise and a silver stream shortly after i’d crossed the border from argentina to bolivia
south carolina was cool and novel with its swampy vegetation, ominous tunnelling roads and ubiquitous spanish moss but mikey was right—i was never exactly awed. more like oooo how fun look at this, neva seen that before. then we climbed along the blue ridge mountains and i felt the magic. goddammit i love the mountains, i love everything about them from their craggy tops to their undulating sylvan bottoms.
i spent so much time in south america pining that at first i was sure that i had missed out on a lot, and i regretted. but now i realize that travelling around joyful and complacent makes you a -tourist- and that travelling around lonely and mindsick makes you an -alien-. i think that an alien might see more than a tourist ever could.
i climbed a tree
then i fell and was embarrassed